Power Flush

Your central heating system rusts and corrodes from the inside out. This can result in premature failure of central heating components. The installation of a Magnaclean will protect your system long term.


    Power Flush

    You can tell if your central heating system could benefit from a Powerflush if you experience any of the following:

    - Cold spots on radiators
    - The bottom of the radiator feels cold
    - Dirty water released when a radiator is vented
    - Radiators fail to come on
    - Radiators do not feel very hot or as hot as they once were
    - Non-responsive radiator valves.
    - Noisy pipework / boiler
    - The system takes a prolonged time to heat up

    At Plumbtec we use the latest Powerflushing technologies offered by Adey Solutions. You can be confident when a system flush performed by Plumbtec we will remove all oily iron oxide deposits, thus restoring your central heating system back to its original condition. If you are not sure if you could benefit from a Powerflush give us a call and we'll provide our expert advice.