Landlord Safety Inspection

As a Landlord you're legally required to have all gas appliances in the properties you rent out checked every 12 months for safety and to hold a record confirming this. As part of our safety inspection we'll cover the following for you


    Landlord Safety Inspection

    - Check the property for gas leaks
    - Check the gas rates and burner pressure against manufacturer's instructions
    - Check standing and working pressures (if the appropriate test points exist)
    - Check all safety devices on an appliance for functionality
    - Check for adequate ventilation
    - Check the combustion levels in the boiler flue
    - Notify you of any advisory problems i.e. gas knob to hob is stiff, hob ignition broken etc which are not typically classed as a failure.

    We can remind you in 12 months time when you are next required to perform an inspection at no extra charge. An inspection from Plumbtec costs £60 including VAT.