Home Buyer Report

Buying a home can be a daunting prospect. Unless you know what to look for when viewing a property you cannot really tell much about the condition of the plumbing or heating. What's more, a seller is not obliged to tell you the state of the plumbing or heating in a property you are considering buying. Avoid being caught out with expensive repairs by taking advantage of our Home Buyer report service.

    Our home buyer inspection report is a truly unique service. If you are thinking of buying a new home and you would like to know the condition of the existing plumbing & heating we will conduct an investigation on your behalf. We'll give the property a thorough check. Our report is conclusive and covers the following

    - Identify the type of heating system
    - Take a Central Heating water sample to check for corrosion
    - Conduct a visual inspection of the condition of the system
    - Check for compliance / in compliance with current regulation & standards
    - Check for gas leaks
    - Check the radiators all work, are not leaking, purged of air and free of cold spots
    - Check the boiler and its controls work and analyse the flue emission levels
    - Water pressure test, flow rate test and check the hot water temperature
    - Loft component inspection (if applicable)
    - Check the functionality of the addition system components i.e. cylinder, three or two port valve, pump etc to ensure if working.

    We'll confirm everything in writing for you, so if there is a problem we'll give you en estimate on how much it will cost to repair.
    The inspection & report will is priced at £100 Including vat.