A new energy-efficient boiler will save you money on your heating bills. 'A-rated' energy efficiency boilers are 90% efficient and release much less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than older models so you'll be doing your part for the environment also. What's more, we are Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers which means we can give you extended warranties on new boiler installations.

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At Plumbtec, we can supply and install a range of different boilers with up to a five year guarantee. We can provide advice on the best options available to you to suit your needs.

Whether you existing systems is Conventional, Combination or your looking to convert from one type to the other, you can rest assured your boiler will be installed in line with current regulations when installed by Plumbtec.

If your boiler is broken, we understand that you don't want to be left without any heating or hot water. It may be that a repair is a more appropriate option than a replacement. We have extensive experience in boiler troubleshooting so you can be confident we'll have you back up and running in no time.

We also offer boiler servicing. When Plumbtec carries out a service for you we will;

- Complete a visual inspection to ensure your boiler meets current standards
- Start the boiler to allow for identification of any faults
- Remove the boiler outer casing for internal inspection of main components (burner, heat exchanger, injector, gas valve, spark sensor probe etc)
- Visually inspect the flue to confirm correct termination, sealing & obstruction free
- Conduct combustion efficiency analysis (boiler specific)
- Clean the internal casing & components
- Check to ensure there are no gas leaks at your property
- Update your boiler service documentation

We can also move your boilers location if required. Contact us for further details.